What Real Champions Advocate Mentors Hope their Mentees Achieve This Year

The Advocate Mentors at RPF Mentor Partner Real Champions, Inc., know their mentees are going to accomplish great things during the 2022-2023 school year. From making new friends to trying new activities to working hard to get great grades, the list of what mentors hope their mentees achieve this year is truly inspiring!

"I hope that the mentees in our organization will bring home at least one report card with all As. They have been working diligently on improving their grades and academic skills over the past year." – KhaDashia, Lead Advocate

"I hope that our mentees continue realizing that we are still right there by their side after almost two years together. Hopefully, sitting with them in the classroom gives them the motivation to excel and want to make us and them proud this year." – Russell, Advocate Mentor (Jasper)

"I hope our mentees will bond with their teachers and classmates and really enjoy learning this year!" – Sabrina, Program Director (Charleston)

"I hope that our mentees are able to set goals for themselves and check them all off their lists by the end of the year. As their mentor, I’m going to be there with them every step of the way. When they have rough times, I’m going to be there to give them encouragement and remind them of their goals and that they can achieve them." – LaTristan, Advocate Mentor (Charleston)

"I hope that when our mentees make mistakes, they never lose their enthusiasm. The only way to get better is to make mistakes and learn from them, and not be easily discouraged." - De'Ante, Advocate Mentor (Jasper)

"I hope our mentees will have the courage to ask for help and try new things this year." – Sabrina, Program Director (Charleston)

"I hope our mentees always remember to ask for help when they are unsure or unclear about what their teachers have instructed them to do on an assignment. There are no wrong questions!" – KhaDashia, Lead Advocate

"I hope our mentees have fun! Yes, school can be challenging, especially if you are new at a school or have to follow some new rules, but school and learning should be fun. So, I hope they find ways to make learning fun and challenge themselves – be the very best that you can be because you are amazing!" - LaTristan, Advocate Mentor (Charleston)

"I hope our mentees overcome their self-doubt. We help by motivating them and revealing their true abilities so they can dream and believe big!" - De'Ante, Advocate Mentor (Jasper)

Real Champions, Inc., provides trusted advocates for children by establishing long-term relationships that lead them to greater opportunities in life, school, and work. South Carolina’s most vulnerable children are paired with full-time mentors who stay with them from the beginning of kindergarten through high school graduation. Real Champions Advocate Mentors focus on all areas of growth children and their families need to succeed, from academics to social and emotional growth for children and resource support for parents. Visit https://realchampionsinc.org to read more about their incredible work, and https://www.restorationprojectfoundation.org to learn more about how you can get involved with a Mentor Partner Organization in your community.