Restoration Project Foundation December 2021 Update

We believe that personal connections are vital. And, that is especially true for children who are struggling in school. That is why Restoration Project Foundation is partnering with multiple organizations in South Carolina to support effective child mentorship programs.
When life at home is difficult, positive interaction with another adult through mentorship can help boost a child’s engagement in school. Our organization matches children with mentor programs that are already successful in strengthening the confidence of children and helping to improve their performance in the classroom.
Restoration Project Foundation provides resource and organizational support for mentorship programs in South Carolina. Three of these partner programs are:

Proverbs Mentoring Organization in Pendleton, South Carolina.

This program is run by Don Peppers, who works to teach children leadership skills, community involvement, entrepreneurship, work ethic, academic performance and teamwork. The organization incorporates Christian teachings as a foundation for positive decision making.

John Harris Basketball in Summerville and Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina.

This program is a basketball program, but it teaches much more than skill sets on the court. Coach Harris teaches discipline, hard work, and concentration. His program seeks to provide kids with friendship, emotional support and personal guidance to help them be successful in every aspect of life.

Original Design in Columbia, South Carolina.

This mentorship program is run by former Gamecocks football player Jay Urich. He uses faith, football and health education to empower youth in all aspects of life.
Our mission at Restoration Project Foundation is to renew hope through education, restore confidence through providing resources and redeem the future through mentor relationships that help all children and youth in our communities thrive. If you want to join us and support our mission, there is now a “Donate” button on our website. Or, if you are ready to get involved, you can click the “Become a Mentor” button to get started!