Proverbs Mentoring Organization of South Carolina

Proverbs Mentoring Organization is one of several South Carolina mentorship programs Restoration Project Foundation supports. This program focuses on mentorship of 6th - 12th grade students. The program director Don Peppers seeks to enhance youth leadership in his community through mentorship.

Don is the embodiment of what it means to be a mentor. He lives out his belief in the next generation by giving his time, talent and treasure to ensure that the youth in his local community are given every chance to be successful in life!
- Matt Bailey, Executive Director of Restoration Project Foundation.
There are several ways that South Carolina students can be involved in programs at Proverbs, including Camp Proverbs, Camp Essence, Coach Pep’s Prep Academy and Extra M.I.L.E.

Camp Proverbs and Camp Essence

These camps are two week summer camps for 6th-12th grade students. Camp Proverbs is a boys camp and Camp Essence is for girls. There are sessions to teach growth in community service, academics, athletics, religion, and entrepreneurship. There is also a week of travel, so that the participants are able to gain experiences outside their own community.

Coach Pep’s Prep Academy

This program is an online public education option based on the Camp Proverbs Mentoring Program and instruction from the South Carolina Preparatory Academy, an online charter school. This is a partnership facilitated by the Restoration Project Foundation.

Extra M.I.L.E. (Meaningful Interactive Learning Experiences)

A limited number of students can apply for funding for an extracurricular activity. Students can qualify if the family cannot afford to support the student’s interest. These experiences can include instrument lessons, swimming, coding, reading, robotics, etc.
Don Peppers, program director of Proverbs is an active member of the Pendleton community. He is the essence of mentorship that inspires the Restoration Project Foundation. His commitment to youth in the Pendleton area is wide and deep. He is currently the Athletic Director at Anderson Christian School, head coach of the Anderson Cavaliers, along with his leadership at the Proverbs Mentoring Organization.
If you are interested in supporting quality mentoring organizations such as Proverbs, you can! Support the Restoration Project Foundation, a supporting partner of Proverbs and other mentorship programs across the state of South Carolina.