New Hope Leadership Academy Program of South Carolina

Restoration Project Foundation supports outstanding mentorship programs across the state of South Carolina. One of these programs is the New Hope Leadership Academy in West Columbia. This program is comprehensive, offering athletics at the high school and collegiate level, education through a virtual charter school, and of course, a full mentorship program.


New Hope Leadership Academy combines Mentoring, Advising, Leadership, Education and Scholarship (M.A.L.E.S.) to help students advance both athletically and academically. NHLA mentors guide students, working to teach character traits such as responsibility, discipline, respect, professionalism, and job skills. The goals of the mentorship program are to increase High School retention and graduation, promote collegiate enrollment, and provide guidance as students make big life decisions.


NHLA has a successful high-school-level football team. They were the 2021 Palmetto Athletic Association Division 1 Champions. Students who are in public school, private school, homeschool, and virtual school can participate in this team.

NHLA also offers the Gladiators Sports Academy. This program is designed to teach elementary to high school students the fundamentals of their sport and grow their skill set. The Sports Academy combines skill training with mentorship to help students advance and compete at the next level.

There are also collegiate athletic programs in Football, Basketball and Track and Field. This is for students enrolled in college that want to continue to play their sport while they work on a degree.

Virtual School

NHLA is also a virtual school, partnering with the South Carolina Preparatory Academy to provide a comprehensive education that leads to a High School Diploma. SC Prep is a tuition-free virtual school for South Carolina residents. This program can help students who are struggling in their current school, want a different type of education, or want to pursue other goals while they work on their diplomas.

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