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At the Restoration Project Foundation, we believe Personal connections are vital - especially for children struggling in education in the local Charleston SC community and are in dire need of a mentorship program that can support and nurture their Charleston youth.
When a child's family life is difficult, the influence of a mentor can help boost school performance. The Restoration Project Foundation matches under-served children with proven mentor programs to strengthen their confidence and improve their academic achievement.

Mentor Partners

Are you looking for a mentor for your child? View our Mentor Partners across South Carolina.

How Our Mentorship Program Impacts Charleston SC

Our mission for the Charleston community is to renew hope through education, restore confidence through providing resources and redeem the future through mentor relationships that can help all children and youth in our backyard communities thrive and achieve their fullest potential!
Residing in Charleston, the Restoration Project Foundation team believes in the value of mentoring relationships. With over 15 years of experience in ministerial and non-profit leadership he's seen the importance of life-giving relationships. “Our lives are meant to be lived with others,” says Matt. “It's vital that everyone has access to a connection with someone who is further along in life that can help give wisdom and direction.”
Through Matt's leadership and the vision and expertise of our mentors, we at Restoration Project Foundation have served close to 180 children across South Carolina and engage in roughly 2000 hours of community service a month. Given the current environment caused by COVID-19 and the stresses it is presently doling out on our local families in South Carolina cities, we hope to offer a stabilizing effect on the youth and the parents that are doing their best to support them on the education front and financially.


In the Charleston, South Carolina area, John Harris is a tough basketball trainer. He knows players must have a serious skill set to play at the next level. He has his own set of accomplishments, as a player and as a decorated coach. But John's real strength is that he instills discipline in his players. He knows that hard work and concentration will refine their athletic abilities…and it also refines their classroom skills. Mental dexterity is as important as fancy footwork. He has helped high school students develop into college players at schools like Illinois State, Mercer, and Alabama A&M, and has sent a few to semi-pro teams. John Harris Basketball, LLC trains players on and off the court, from elementary school age to the pro level. As a proud director in the Restoration Project, John understands that personal guidance and friendship can provide the physical skills and emotional nurturing necessary for true success in every aspect of life.
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Imagine a thriving Mentor Site in each of the 46 counties in South Carolina. How many lives could we change? Join us in this mission!