Restoration Project Foundation is proud to partner with a number of outstanding mentor programs throughout the state of South Carolina. Partnering with existing mentor organizations allows us to directly reach the greatest number of children across the state. Our mentor leaders understand the specific needs of their individual communities, and our goal is to provide the support required for success.
We currently partner with nine mentor organizations across the state and are actively pursuing additional partnerships. If you are the leader of a mentor organization or know of an organization that would benefit from partnering with Restoration Project Foundation, please contact us at

Get Involved!

At the Restoration Project Foundation, our mission is to launch uniquely designed Local Mentor Sites all across South Carolina. RPF partners with local organizations to support and resource the building of these sites. RPF’s framework helps to cultivate a place where students gather to grow in their leadership skills, their ability to envision and work towards a future, their independence, and their academic achievement. Each Site Mentor will design the approach and focus to best meet the needs of his or her community.
We're looking for Families interested in sending their children to mentor sites & Organizations interested in starting their site.