John Harris Basketball Mentorship Program

Each of the programs supported by the Restoration Project Foundation has a different approach to mentorship. A different way to keep children engaged as they learn life lessons. John Harris Basketball teaches both basketball and life skills to kids in Mount Pleasant and Summerville, South Carolina.

Coach John Harris is passionate about basketball, helping kids, and his faith. Whatever the skill level of the child, he wants to help them get to the next level. Because the game of basketball is always evolving, Coach Harris is serious about staying current in the world of basketball. He believes that rigorous training is a must. The training program includes improvement skills such as speed, agility, shooting, passing, dribbling, offensive and defensive moves, angles plus strength and conditioning.

But, John Harris Basketball is not just about developing great players. Through basketball, the program is also mentoring kids and helping them grow in life. Through this program, kids learn discipline, skill mastery, and leadership. Through his mastery of basketball, John Harris is also a strong positive force in many kids' lives.

One of his colleagues, Jay Hernandez, a coach for the Charlotte Hornets says Coach Harris, “Is one of the most committed coaches to improving not only basketball players, but people. His positive energy is contagious and the way he shares his knowledge keeps players engaged. Simply put, John Harris will make you better!”

There are three ways that kids can get involved at John Harris Basketball. The Academy integrates group training and 2v2 and 3v3 basketball games. Group Training allows players to hone in on specific skills in a small group environment twice a week. Private lessons are also available on request. Camps are intensive training programs during school holidays and the summer.

If you want to help Coach Harris develop the skills and character of young basketball players near Charleston, South Carolina, you can!

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