By the Numbers

Restoration Project Foundation provides resources and organizational support for 9 mentor programs across the state of South Carolina. Our partner programs are located in Anderson, Charleston, Columbia, Greenville, and Rock Hill. These programs currently support over 400 children and young adults that engage in a total of more than 4,000 hours of mentoring per month.

Making a Greater Impact

One trusted adult can make a world of difference in a student's life
RPF understands that the amazing mentors across our state are the difference makers. We applaud them. We know they are doing great work. We also understand these organizations need extra support and resources to achieve success. RPF is working to help our mentor partners fulfill their unique missions all across South Carolina. Once partnered with Restoration Project Foundation, an organization will have access to our LITF curriculum, Framework for Success, coaching, and financial resources to help with implementation.   
LIFT Curriculum
Our leadership curriculum enables mentors to impact students leadership skills in 10 key areas of life. Topics include, Personal Mission, Financial Literacy, Gratitude, Decision Making, Work Ethic, Relationships, and Communication. Each of the 10 Units consist of 4 weekly modules.
Support and Resources
In addition to financial support, RPF trains Mentors in the implementation of the LITF Curriculum, provides professional development for mentors, meets with mentors regularly to ensure all student needs are being met, and reviews site data
Innovative Approach
RPF partnered with 2 groups to launch our intensive mentoring model from fall of 2021-Spring of 2023, enabling RPF to design a reproducible framework that will launch new mentor sites for the 23-24 school year
Consistent Mentorship
RPF supported 9 mentor groups across South Carolina. Because of the dedicated work of these mentor partners, over 400 children had a mentor committed to improving their lives and future.
Supporting Local Efforts
RPF Mentor Partners are encouraged to grow the site their community needs, so each group has its own focus or approach. Also, RPF provides strategies to gain local support, increasing the resources offered to each child.
Committed to Growing
In 2023, RPF plans to expand the scope and reach of their LITF Curriculum. RPF will continue their work of resourcing our youth well. From counseling opportunities to more on the job experiences, RPF is here to provide what young people need.
P27 baseball performance center
5347 sunset Blvd, lexington, SC 29072
Corey Warner is the President of P27 Baseball Academy in Lexington, SC. The goal is to give student athletes the opportunity to reach their highest potential through professional training, mentorship, and immersing in a Christian leadership environment that harnesses success.
This program melds baseball training with online school. The mentees spend their entire day working on one of those two things. The organization meets in the evenings twice a week for team dinners where leadership skills are taught explicitly and then applied on the field, in the classroom, and beyond.
Currently, Cory and his team of 9 caring mentors serves 70 mentees.
Proverbs Mentoring
Don Peppers is the Executive Director and Founder of Proverbs Mentoring Organization in Anderson, South Carolina. Don and his team have made it their goal to enhance youth leadership skills through mentorship in the community.
This community organization focuses on academics, athletics, religion and entrepreneurship and offers an online school program. The mentees work each day from the Westside Community Center in Anderson. There are 2 classrooms, 1 office, gym and library access. Coach Peppers plans on growing the program by continuing to lead with a faith based mentoring approach, academic growth and athletic opportunities.
Currently, Don serves 18 students and he has one assistant in his school/mentoring program. As a whole, his mentoring program serves 28 students.

Let's Build a Tailor-made Mentor Site

An existing organization who is already doing great things for their community and young people, could partner with us to do even more! With our help, they could offer their community a Mentor Site that couples traditional mentoring with school. A partnership with RPF will provide them with a framework and resources to launch a 20-30 student Mentor Group in August. This organization's Mentor Site will help students to thrive now and prepare them to excel in their next stage of life! Plus, this model allows for personalization as well, so this organization would give their Mentor Site a unique focus. This could be anything they're already passionate about. Current groups focus on baseball, music, career development, etc. The possibilities are endless!

Well Supported

From the fall of 2021 to the Spring of 2023, the Restoration Project Foundation worked with mentor partners to develop our Framework of Success.  Our framework is broken down into 6 phases that enable you to build a tailor-made, thriving Mentor Site for your community.  An RPF Regional Coordinator walks potential partners through our manageable phases, providing coaching and resources along the way.  After phase 6, your RPF support continues throughout the school year too!  Together, along with our online school partner and mentee families, we surround mentees with support, accountability, guidance, and training to help them find success and achieve goals.   
Phase 1 and 2
RPF helps you plan and make general decisions for your Mentor Site
Phase 3 and 4
RPF supports as you build your site. During this phase, financial and marketing support begins.
Phase 5
RPF guides you through preparing a space, finding community partners and relationship building with mentees and their families.
Phase 6
RPF trains you to launch your group well with a strong academic foundation. Then, RPF assists as needed until you become a thriving Mentor Site.

Imagine a thriving Mentor Site in each of the 46 counties in South Carolina. How many lives could we change? Join us in this mission!