Back to School Advice from RPF Mentor Partner Leaders

Restoration Project Foundation Mentor Partner Leaders always offer excellent advice, and we’re grateful to have their words of wisdom to guide us as we get ready to start the 2022-2023 school year. From establishing strong study skills to the importance of being on time to class, their Back to School advice is exactly what we need to start the year off strong. We’ve compiled their recommendations into an easy-to-follow guide that is not only perfect for students of all ages, but for anyone in search of positive motivation.

Plan Ahead and Be Prepared
Planning ahead and being prepared is key to success, both in school and beyond.
- Don’t wait until the last minute to study for a test, start your science fair project, or finish your homework. Plan ahead so you have plenty of time to finish your work.
- Have everything prepared the night before so you aren’t rushing around in the morning. Pack your lunch, put your homework in your backpack, and pick out your clothes so you are ready to go when your alarm goes off.
- Give yourself plenty of time to get to class and after-school activities so you always arrive on time.
- Bring all of your materials to class so you aren’t searching for what you need once class has already started.
- Make a plan, not an excuse!

Set Yourself Up for Success
You can set yourself up for success by building good routines and engaging in healthy habits.
- Establish a homework routine that works for you. Set up a study space that is free of distractions, take breaks as needed, and finish your work before moving on to something else.
- Get enough sleep, stay hydrated, eat healthy food, and get plenty of exercise.
- Ask your teachers, parents, mentor, and friends for help and advice when needed.

Lead by Example
Modeling good behavior is important, even if you don’t realize that someone is watching. Your actions display and communicate information, so make sure you are setting a good example for others.
- Be respectful to your teachers, mentors, parents, and friends.
- Arrive for class on time and prepared to learn.
- Encourage your friends to do their best by cheering them on during sports, congratulating them when they get good grades, and helping them when they need assistance.
- Be nice to everyone, even kids you don’t know. If you see another student sitting alone at lunch or on the playground, introduce yourself and invite them to join you and your friends.

Challenge Yourself to Be the Best You Can Be
Mentors, parents, and teachers provide excellent guidance and motivation. Follow their lead by actively challenging yourself to be the best you that you can be.
- Set measurable goals and hold yourself accountable to them. When you achieve the goals you have set, think about what you have learned and what you would like to do next, then set a new series of goals and work hard to achieve them.
- Try new things, even if you are nervous. We all like to do activities that we are good at, but we only grow when we challenge ourselves to try something new.
- Make mistakes and learn from them. We all make mistakes, but the biggest mistake you can make is not learning from the experience.
- Be proud of your accomplishments. Getting good grades, making a new friend, doing well on a test, running faster than you have ever run before, the list of your potential accomplishments is endless! Just make sure you take a moment to appreciate what you have accomplished before moving on to something new.
- Have fun! Learning is fun, as is spending time with your teachers, mentors, and friends.

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Special thanks to our RPF Mentor Partner Leaders at Anderson CavaliersJohn Harris BasketballNew Hope Leadership AcademyOriginal DesignProverbs Mentoring OrganizationReal Champions, Inc., South Carolina Faith Athletics, and Music Charter Institute, and South Carolina Spartans for their excellent Back to School advice!